Customize Your Users' Experience

Configure Authentication

Select Identifier (Email, Phone or Both) and Authentication method.

Magic Link is supported over Email and OTP is supported over Phone/Email.

Select the preferred country code, that your users will see in the login form for SMS OTP. If your users are present in multiple countries, they will be able to select their country while login via SMS OTP over the phone. We support global SMS.

You can also add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy URLs if you want to show those in your login form.

Style Your Login Form

Add your logo url, text, and colors for Login Form.

For a more advanced style, you can add custom css properties for the elements. This is an optional field, edit if you are well versed with css.

Magic Link prompt is the waiting message page when the Email magic link is sent to the user. You can customize the message and Logo as per your need. If you do not update anything Secqure's default message will be displayed.

Magic Link Prompt Configuration is applicable only in the case of Email Magic Link. For OTP over the phone or email, this option is not applicable.

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