Create your project and generate the API key and secret
Once you logged in to Dashboard, create your first project by clicking the "New Project" button.
Enter your project name and domain url. If you are testing in localhost, you can add the url as http://localhost or http://localhost:5000. You can change the url from Project Setting later if you wish.
For mobile app enter the URL as http://localhost
Mobile App is validated against the API Key and secret from the source. For web applications, the url is one of the key factors to validate the origin along with Key Id and secret.
Create Project
Make a note of your API Key ID and Secret Key
Key ID and Secret
Select or Change Project
Make sure you are on the right project when you are changing any configuration. Select your project from the "Your Projects" dropdown from the header. You can also click on the "Project" from the left navigation to go back to your Project list.
Select Project
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